Using Technology to Improve Volunteer Management

Written by on 06-25-2012

When it comes to volunteer management, technology is your friend. Here are six questions to consider about how you’re using technology to communicate with and manage volunteers:

1.   Does your organization have updated volunteer databases and automated communications tools that allow for alternate staff to step in if your volunteer manager would become unavailable or incapacitated?
2.   Does your registration process allow volunteers to select their own jobs and specific shift times?
3.   Does your volunteer manager have the capability to instantly e-mail all event volunteers with routine changes or crisis messages?
4.   Does your volunteer manager have the capability to build reports that inform decisions (e.g. specific shift or job shortages) and support logistical needs (e.g. shirt orders, food needs)?
5.   Does your volunteer manager have the capability to electronically track attendance? Do you know who attended training? Who completed all of their volunteer shifts? Who collected a t-shirt and event ticket but did not work their shifts?
6.   Do you electronically blacklist volunteers who are disruptive, dangerous or do not complete their commitments?


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