Assessing Volunteer Risks

Written by on 06-11-2012

After you’ve evaluated your volunteer job descriptions, look over them again to identify possible risks:

1.   Do your volunteer’s job descriptions clearly identify requirements and risk? During volunteer training do you identify facility related risks?
2.   Do your volunteer waivers specify the volunteer’s responsibilities? Has your attorney reviewed your waiver within the past two years?
3.   Does your event insurance provide financial protection for the event management organization if a worst case volunteer liability scenario occurs despite precautionary measures?
4.   Do your volunteer waivers encourage volunteers to take responsibility for their actions? Does the waiver discourage volunteers from taking risks that put the volunteer, or the organization, in a dangerous or irresponsible position? Does the waiver protect the event rights owner, the event management team, sponsors and any affiliated organizations?
5.   Is the physical signing of a waiver mandatory before volunteers work a single event activity? What is the process for physical retention of these documents? How are they accessed by management if there is an incident?
6.   If you use an online waiver as part of your volunteer registration process, will the online waiver acceptance hold up in your state court?
7.   If volunteers drive event or personal vehicles as part of their event duties, do you verify driver’s licenses and personal auto insurance? Does your event insurance cover volunteer drivers?
8.   Has your insurance company reviewed your volunteer policies, handbook and waiver to ensure that requirements are met?
9.   Do you require security and background screening for volunteers who are supervising children, have access to VIPs, contact with personal data or work in sensitive locations?


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