Evaluating Volunteer Job Descriptions

Written by on 05-28-2012

Taking time to evaluate volunteer job descriptions before and after every event ensures that your event continues to improve and that your volunteers don’t get frustrated or embarrassed in their roles.

Here are eight important questions to ask about your current volunteer job description:

1.   Do you have well defined volunteer job descriptions based on actual event needs?

2.   Do you provide job descriptions to volunteers in advance of registration?

3.   Do your job descriptions include shift times and specific locations?

4.   Do you specify any financial cost to the volunteer? Parking? Food?

5.   Do you provide realistic expectations? High traffic zone? Nonstop busy? Slow periods? Solitary? Lift 15 lbs? Sitting the entire time? Exposed to sun, rain, snow? Stressful environment?

6.   Does the job require a skill? A security or background check? A valid driver’s license? A beverage server’s certification? Computer experience?

7.   Does the volunteer opportunity have restrictions? A minimum age? Experience? Must be selected? Approved by a team leader?

8.   If you allow youth volunteers, do you clearly establish adult oversight requirements?


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