Volunteer Training: 7 Critical Questions

Written by on 05-21-2012

Ironically, the public face of your event is the group of people with whom you spend the least time. 
Think about your volunteer training program as you answer the questions below – evaluate the items that are running smoothly, the items that need some improvement, the items that need immediate attention due to risk and those things that are critical.

1.   Does your organization supply a volunteer handbook with standard operating procedures, event policies, dress code, site map and emergency protocols?

2.   Does your volunteer training program set the stage for a positive and engaging volunteer experience?

3.   Do your event managers, team leaders or committee chairs review job responsibilities with volunteers prior to the event?

4.   Does your organization have a vetting process to ensure each volunteer is capable of executing their job requirements?

5.   Prior to the event, do your volunteers receive a site walk through to become familiar with their work environment?

6.   Do your volunteers receive a complete event overview? All activities? Sponsor awareness? Venue familiarity?

7.   During training does your event leadership, preferably the Board President or Executive Director, communicate how important volunteers are to the success of the event?


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