5 Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

Written by on 04-02-2012

Make New Friends

Work with corporate and event sponsors to extend volunteer opportunities to their employees. Offer them opportunities to “own” a specific shift or area, such as the information booths, water stations or food booths.


Build a Team

The best source for new volunteers is your network of existing volunteers. Consider what you need to invest in them so they will become part of the event team and will return the next year and encourage friends, families and colleagues to join them. Make sure your interactions communicate that they are an important part of the team.


Make it Fun

Use a fun incentive program to help recruit volunteers. Consider offering a points and event or merchandise rewards program.


Make it Easy

Online registration makes it easy for them to choose jobs and sign up and makes it easy for you to disseminate information. If you really want to nurture volunteers, avoid the urge to use sites or software not geared for volunteers or for you specific event. Confused volunteers don’t show up or don’t return.


Make a Good Match

Understand who your volunteers are and make a good match. Volunteers with similar work routines in their day jobs may be more willing get up early or stay up late while some may be used to interacting with people or moving equipment. Carefully consider the skills, unusual demands or personal traits required for the volunteer job before you fill positions then recruit volunteers with a long-term relationship in mind.


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