Getting a QR Code for your Event

Written by on 03-28-2012

Now that you understand how QR codes can boost your event, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive and difficult.

Kidding! It’s so easy. Here are instructions and a few other frequently asked questions:

~     Where can I put a QR code? The codes can be printed on any flat surface including promotional posters, tickets, and vendor signs.

~     How do I create a QR for my event? Event managers can create an event QR code simply by using any one of the numerous QR generators online. Just do a search for QR generator.  There are free and paid options depending on the level of print and artistic quality.

~     How do I scan a QR? Reader applications are available on many camera phones. A growing number of smart phones come with QR readers installed while others offer numerous reader applications.

~     How do I measure the effectiveness
of my QR campaign? QR generators typically have an analytics tool that will allow you to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly scans by the locations they were scanned from and the phone models that were used to scan the code.

~     Are there risks? Yes. QR codes must be printed in high enough quality that scanners can read clearly. And remember to only scan QR codes from reputable sources to decrease the chance of opening a virus.


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