5 Ways Event Planners Can Use QR Codes

Written by on 03-19-2012

Chances are, you’ve lots of these little guys around.  New cars have QR codes on their window stickers that allow shoppers to download technical info right to their smart phones. New stories have QR codes that refer readers to more information. We saw some guy at a run with a QR code tattoo but nobody was brave enough to snap it and learn more.

QR or Quick Response Codes are just a type of barcode that can be seen in a wide variety of products. If you want to try it for yourself, download a QR Code app on your smartphone then look for a code on the front page of your newspaper or even scan the QR code at the top of this blog.  You may even have been handed a business card with a QR codes on the back.

So why do Event Planners care?

Consider these options as you make your event more accessible with minimal expense.

1.     Promotions: A QR code on flyers, Newspapers or posters can take viewers to a ticket purchase site or the event website for more details. The QR codes are attention getters as people passing by hold up phones to scan the code.

2.     Information Please: Print a QR code on your event tickets or on information signs around your event. These will allow attendees to go to your online event map and/or event schedule.

3.     Vendors: Put QR codes on each vendor sign at your event and sponsor a contest to encourage attendees to stop by as many booths as possible. The winner is the person who logs the most QR scans.

4.     Vendors II: Encourage vendors to create their own QR signs with promotional information to drive future traffic to their websites or retail spots.

5.     Tickets: You can now buy tickets online and receive a unique QR code by e-mail or SMS.

If you decide to use QR or other mobile barcodes, Laura Marriott of NeoMedia recommends five effectiveness tips:

1.     Incorporate the mobile barcodes into all digital and traditional media to ensure 360 degree exposure.

2.     Create value by incorporating an exclusive 
offer, contest, or promotional discount.

3.     Produce the code in basic black and 
white so all scanners can read it.

4.     Test to ensure your barcode links through 
to a mobile enabled site (not a PC site).

5.     Mobile barcodes have tracking capabilities so take the time to determine the effectiveness of your campaign based on your pre-determined goals.


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