10 Tips for EcoFriendly Volunteers

Written by on 03-14-2012

Going Green isn’t just trendy. It can save you time and money and give your event promotion a big boost. Here are 10 tips:

1.   Ask volunteers to bring their own reusable water bottle. Event must supply readily available water refill stations for this to be effective.

2.   Talk to your volunteer t-shirt vendors. Shirts made of recycled and bio-degradable materials are now readily available through many vendors.

3.   Go paperless. Volunteers can register online.

4.   Eliminate snail mail. Confirm volunteer schedules automatically online. Send waivers, maps and updates by e-mail. Most online registration systems have these features.

5.   Recycle volunteer credentials.

6.   Create volunteer t-shirts that will be re-worn because they are clever and fit right! Short supply? Have a t-shirt trading table. If shirts don’t fit request a trade by size.

7.   Set up volunteer car or shuttle pools online. Promote mass transit options to the event. (Check out pickUPpal.com as a mechanism to coordinate volunteer car pools.)

8.   Establish a beautification program with the neighborhood surrounding the event facility.In the weeks prior to your event have volunteers plant trees, bushes or flowers. Ask the neighbors to join in and help with picking up trash.

9.   Bring in fresh food from local vendors and/or farmers for the volunteers. Ask vendors to eliminate wrappings and packaging as much as possible.

10.  Ask volunteers to help keep electricity use to what is required. Turn off lights when not needed.


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