10 Simple Tips for Green Events

Written by on 03-11-2012

Around here we like to think about how to create green events and volunteers. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it too – what can you do at your event to lessen the ecological impact of the event and help volunteers and staff be good community partners?

Here are simple 10 tips:
1. Use the calculator at handprinter.org to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Share your actions with your staff and volunteers on Facebook and encourage them to make the same changes. (A “handprint” is a more positive way to think of the sum total of the reductions we make in our footprint.)
2. Use recyclable plates and utensils. Check out great wholesale companies like Greenstaruant (free shipping!) or Branch (sugarcane plates!).
3. Be sure your recycle bags are different colors than the landfill trash bags. Volunteers need to be able to discern quickly and on their own.
4. Implement or partner with a community composting program like New York’s Lower East Side Ecology Center.
5. Find out if there are renewable energy sources and/or alternative fuels that you can use.
6. Source your food locally. A visit to your local farm market will give you lots of leads on eager local providers.
7. Implement reusable options for signs, storage and apparel.
8. Encourage your volunteers and event staff to use car pools, mass transit and bike/walk trails. Make sure they know they are the biggest part of a Green event.
9. After the event, gather ideas for improvement through an online survey (SurveyMonkey is FREE!)
10. Handle all registration and follow-up material online (we can help!)
A little extra effort means your event will impact the community, not the environment. If you’d like to read more, read our president’s full article from IFEA magazine.

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