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Written by on 04-20-2010

TRS was recently profiled by Running USA for their weekly newsletter.

Based in Indianapolis, TRS — with five full-time employees plus the support of a technical team (which is a separate company) — was originally founded as an event planning agency. “We needed a volunteer management software system and realized we couldn’t buy anything that worked right so we partnered with a custom software company and created the system that is now called TRS,” said Matt Judge, TRS sales manager.

Both Judge and TRS‘s president are avid runners and one of the primary reasons they joined Running USA was that running events use a lot of volunteers and TRS is the premier management software. Said Judge, “It is a natural fit for us. Our relationship with the One America Indy Mini-Marathon has been such a success that we felt that we could replicate this success with other running events. Our system is flexible and customizable, which is different from everything else on the market and TRS is backed up by world-class customer service at no extra charge.”

One of the main benefits that TRS utilizes is the Running USA membership list which they access through their member login on the Running USA website and contact members directly. “We have used this to get clients. For instance Team Ortho has moved its volunteer management system to TRS,” said Judge.
Judge reads every word of the weekly Running USA Industry E-News and says, “It helps me have intelligent conversations with people in the industry.”

This was the first year TRS attended Running USA’s Annual Conference and it was “a home run,” according to Judge. “The conference was enormously valuable to us. It helped introduce TRS to dozens of running event organizers who had never heard of us. We almost immediately signed a new client, and we have advanced discussions going with more than a dozen event organizers to utilize our volunteer management software. We plan to take at least two or three people to conference in 2011.”

Source: Running USA

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