Volunteer Management Assessment: Conclusion/Questions

Written by on 03-19-2010

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Have you completed the Volunteer Management Assessment?   If not please download the Volunteer Management Assessment questions list and consider the fundamentals of your program. (PDF)

On completion of the assessment tool, you have the opportunity to prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of your volunteer program.  The compilation of  √s, ?s,  Xs, and !!s  will lead you to an action plan for shoring up any weak spots.  Finalize your assessment by asking:

  • Have I defined and communicated key volunteer management policies and procedures?
  • Do I have opportunities to reduce and eliminate problem or potential risk areas?
  • Did I identify tools for achieving continuous improvement?
  • Are there items for corrective action?
  • Can I highlight areas of good practice?

Volunteers can be your greatest event assets. Prepare to get the best return on your volunteer investment!!

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