TRS (The Registration System) goes Europe

Written by on 09-04-2009

Online registration system TRS (The Registration System) announced its expansion into Europe.

The first TRS European registration site, in French and Flemish, will go live in September 2009 for a Belgian client managing corporate workshops.

Others will follow soon after in additional languages.

Customer service and technical support will continue from the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis.

TRS was created by event management agency Simply Hospitality. It is designed to gather and manage registrant data using the mindset of a professional event planner.

It was created in 2001 to manage the more than 1000 multi-lingual volunteers for the US Grand Prix (Formula One race) in Indianapolis and is now used by hundreds of the best-run events across North America and beyond.

TRS is used for online registration, management and contact for conferences, volunteer needs, ticket sales, tours, festivals, and events of all types.

For more information, visit TRS


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