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Written by on 05-11-2009

Some friendly advice for TRS users regarding Internet Explorer 8:

Microsoft has now released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).  If you are using Windows, this will affect you.

We do not know of any specific conflicts between TRS and IE8.  But based on the large number of complaints circulating on the Internet, we suggest that our clients delay downloading Internet Explorer 8 as long as possible while Microsoft and the web community sort out the conflicts in the software.

Windows users are likely using Internet Explorer 7 (although a few people are still on IE6).  Your computer will probably try to automatically download IE8 the next time you check for Windows updates.  When you see the list of updates ready for download, we suggest you UNCHECK Internet Explorer 8.

There is no reason to expect harm to your computer if you have already downloaded IE8.  But if you have not downloaded it, it will cause you less trouble for now to let the geeks work out the bugs in IE8 before you start using it.

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